Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Tigers Fans -- Don't Worry About Inge, Sheffield yet

When your team goes to the World Series one year, comes back the next season with that team almost complete intact (sans one middle reliever) and adds one of the stronger bats in baseball, expectations, understandably, get cranked up a bit. So when the Detroit Tigers lost on Opening Day to the Toronto Blue Jays, and have played a bit un-even since then, fans are starting to get a bit concerned. Even I called for Andrew Miller to replace Chad Durbin in the starting rotation after just one game. I'm just as guilty. But, relax Tigers fans. Sure, the Tigers could be better than their 4-3 start, but it's early, it's still very cold, and as the weather heats up, so too will the Tigers bats.

Two players currently facing the heat from the Tigers faithful are third baseman Brandon Inge and designated hitter Gary Sheffield. Both signed long-term, expensive contract extensions during the off-season, and both have had a dreadful start to the season. Inge is 0-20, still hitless, and was given the night off in yesterday's victory over the Baltimore Orioles (when you are being benched for Neifi Perez, that's probably a bad sign). And as Danny Knobler writes this morning over @, Sheffield isn't faring much better, though he still has the confidence of his manager.

Meantime, manager Jim Leyland isn't anxious about his big acquisition, who is hitless in his last 12 trips to the plate and batting .120 from the designated hitter spot.

"I think right now Gary is just trying too hard," Leyland said. "He wants to do good so bad for us right now he's getting out of his zone a little bit. He'll be absolutely fine."

I agree with Jim Leyland (which I've learned over the past year is usually always the right thing to say.) While some may think that Brandon Inge is showing his true self in his 0-20 slump and Sheffield is proving he's an overrated has-been, and both extensions were big mistakes, let's not overreact to five or six games. Yes, their struggles are concerning. Sheffield especially because he's striking out a lot which has never been his history throughout his career. But that's just why we shouldn't be worried. The struggle for Sheffield has been out of character, and it won't last forever. You don't forget how to be great hitter overnight, especially when you have Hall of Fame talent like Sheffield does. Is he trying a bit too hard at the plate right now? Probably. But he won't struggle forever.

And neither will Inge. While Brandon may never be a .300 hitter, he will hit .250, .260, and he'll hit you 25 home runs a season. And right now, he just needs to get one hit. When you are are 0-20 every pitch that comes your way looks like a Joel Zumaya 103 miles-per-hour fastball and every well hit ball finds a fielder. I think those calling Inge's off-season extension a mistake aren't looking at the broader picture. He plays a gold-glove calliber third base, he hit 27 home runs last year, and he's not going to go 0-500. Let him snap out of this slump. Maybe he'll hit .180 in April. But he won't hit .180 in May, and he won't hit .220 this season. He'll start to get his power back, and by the time July rolls around, he'll be back near .250, .260. A great average? No. But, Inge has never been a great for-average hitter. So long as he continues to drive balls out of the park, and drive in runs, and play as well defensively as he is capable off, he'll be just fine. No worries.

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Kurt said...

Scott --

I think all anyone needs to do is take a look at the standings and get over it. A week in, they're up near the top of the AL, despite actually looking pretty bad at times. People should be relieved by that. Actually, the Motownsports forum seems mostly unconcerned but I'm afraid to look anywhere else.

Scott Warheit said...

Kurt -

I couldn't agree more. We less than 10 games into the season. Yes, it hasn't been a good start for either Inge or Sheffield, but as you pointed out, they are second in the division, and we'll see where they go from here. Way too early for the panic button, even for individual players.


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