Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Phillies Manager Charlie Manuel Challenges Reporter to Fight

There are times I love that Jim Leyland is the manager of the Detroit Tigers, and there are times I really love that Jim Leyland is the manager of the Detroit Tigers. Today it's the latter. Because I can see what life is like for some other baseball teams. Take the Philadelphia Phillies for example. Struggling out of the gate, the team has not lived up to expectations this season. So when the media questioned manager Charlie Manuel about his team's poor performances, what did he do? Challenge the media to a fight of course.

After the Phillies were drubbed 8-1 by the New York Mets on Tuesday night, manager Charlie Manuel blew his top in his office, letting loose with a profane tirade and challenging a talk show host -- identified by the Courier-Post newspaper of Cherry Hill, N.J., as WIP-AM personality Howard Eskin, a longtime critic of Manuel -- to a fight.

"I think they see me angry more than you think they do. I think you probably don't see me angry. I can show you I can get angry, if you want to," Manuel said, according to the Inquirer.

"Why don't you drop by my office? I'll be waiting on you. I'll be waiting on you. I'll walk down there right now," Manuel said, according to the Courier-Post.

"We're going to win!" Manuel could be heard yelling in his office, The Associated Press reported.

The above photo is from Philadelphia's NBC-10, which has both a slideshow and video of the confrontation. Good stuff. It shows Manuel going after the reporter a few different times having to be held back by security. Here's video of the confrontation from a YouTube posting.

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