Thursday, April 19, 2007

Boston Red Sox Fan Hit With Pizza

Now here's some great video. It's times like these I love running a blog, because I can paste these videos and everyone can have a good laugh. Check out this clip from Youtube of the Boston Red Sox game from Monday. Some fans spilled their beers going after a foul ball, and another fan, apparently upset that someone would waste any alcohol (or, likely just upset the fans interfered with the play), took a pizza and tossed the pie at the offending fans. This is something neither I nor the Boston Globe, where I first saw the story, can make up. The video just speaks for itself.

Oh, and yesterday's story about the Phillie's manager Charlie Manuel challenging a reporter to a fight? That video is posted on that story as well.

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Ian C. said...

I'm not sure which emotion overwhelmed me more when I saw that video:

1) Laughter and joy from seeing something so hilarious.

2) Horror and disbelief from watching someone throw food that you know cost way more than it should've at the ballpark.

Also, I applaud the pizza tosser's aim. Had I tried that, it surely would've landed on the person directly in front of me.

Scott Warheit said...

I completely agree. We've gotten much more enjoyment out of that $6.50 or whatever inflated price the guy paid then he ever could have gotten tossing it.

And his aim was pretty good. Maybe the Tigers could sign him up and he could take Fernando Rodney's spot in the Tigers bullpen.


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