Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Thank You John

I was a big supporter of John Edwards in 2004. I took my time that year, and did not support any Democratic candidate at the start of the primary campaign. I liked Howard Dean but wasn't sold (in large part because unlike his public image as extraordinarily liberal, I wasn't sold on his more conservative positions on issues like gun control). After a watching a few of the debates, I quickly gravitated towards John Edwards. He was sharp, passionate, and a great candidate. He had a booklet he published explaining each of his policy positions, what he planned to do, and how he planned to pay for it.

I always thought he would have been a much stronger Presidential candidate than John Kerry (The young, energetic, exciting Edwards with the veteran experienced war hero Kerry as his VP always made more sense to me) and while I didn't support him this time around, I still respected his positions and always thought he, in many ways, had the best debates of any of the candidates throughout this process.

John Edwards, despite some of the negative things said about him and his profession, cares deeply about the poor and the underrepresented even if that didn't get him any votes. He cares deeply against fighting against corporate interests and lobbyists even if that prevented him from raising the kind of money you unfortunately need to compete for the Presidency.

Thank you John.

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