Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Barack Obama Wins Dixville Notch, New Hampshire

The New Hampshire primary has begun with 17 voters, 7 Republican and 10 Democrat, and the results are in. John McCain won the Republican vote with 4 votes, Mitt Romney had 2, and Rudy Giuliani had 1 vote. For the Democrats, Barack Obama dominated with 7 votes, John Edwards had 2 votes, and Bill Richardson had 1. Hillary Clinton and Mike Huckabee were shutout and received zero votes.

It's a fun tradition there in Dixville Notch (and a few other New Hampshire towns that have the same kind of event happening tonight) which was famously featured in a fouth season episode of The West Wing (there the New Hampshire town was known as "Hartsfields Landing, named after Hart's Location, another town holding a midnight primary) though it probably isn't indicative of much (I believe Wes Clark won in 2004) but it's unique and gives the media something meaningless to talk about and blog about (like this post) until the real results come in.

As for predications for tomorrow (or later today I should say), I think Obama beats Clinton by 7, Edwards by 12. I'll also take McCain over Romney by 4, with Huckabee in third and Ron Paul beating out Rudy for 4th. And I'll also predict a 7-point Obama victory will be spun by the national media as a loss and the start of Hillary Clinton's national comeback, but we'll see how that goes.

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