Tuesday, January 29, 2008

All I Have To Say About Florida: Hillary Wins Because of Early Voting

Hillary Clinton trying to turn Florida into a victory is really grasping at straws and momentum, but all the cable networks are showing her victory rally and I'm sure she'll get some good headlines tomorrow, so the media allows her to gain some momentum back.

But let's look into the numbers, in the only words I'll have to say about Florida. Fist, Florida had a ton of early/absentee ballots cast, some speculated that it was over one-third. According to MSNBC's Exit Poll, of those early voters, Hillary Clinton won 49-29. Among those who decided whom they were going to vote for over a month ago or more, Clinton won 64-25. But, then look closer.

Voters who decided within the last month? 46-42 Obama. In the last week? 38-31. In the last 3 days? 45-40 Obama. Clinton won those choosing a candidate today, but she was in Florida yesterday, and in Florida today, the only candidate there (breaking the early pledge to stay away in spirit if not reality) .

One other interesting number? Most times, voters say endorsements don't matter in their vote. Even if they really do, people are recluctant to admit their vote could be swayed by a political endorsement. 25% of Florida voters though said Ted Kennedy's endorsement of Barack Obama was "very important" to their vote, and among those voters, Obama won 58-32.

And with that, Florida is irrelevant, over, and shouldn't be talked about anymore.

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