Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Actor Robert 'Arli$$' Wuhl Defends Barry Bonds

I am nothing if not a journalist. Well, I try to be anyway. Which is why even if I think Barry Bonds is a cheating, no-good baseball player who doesn't deserve to break Hank Aaron's historic home run record, I am open to those who think differently. So, watching Morning Joe tonight (as I've elsewhere explained, I usually watch MSNBC's new morning show, or at least the third hour of it, when I get home from work) I caught a segment where host Joe Scarborough was interviewing actor Robert Wuhl.

Sports fans (as well as HBO subscribers) may recognize the name, as Wuhl, for seven seasons, played sports-agent-extraordinaire Arliss Michaels on the great HBO series Arli$$. Arli$$ had more real sports superstars as guest stars than any other show, and was hilarious, though it might be best known, in the long run, for helping to start the career of Sandra Oh, who of course has become much more well known for her portrayal of Christina Yang on Grey's Anatomy.

Anyway, Wuhl is good personal friends with Barry Bonds, and after posting a clip from Monday's Morning Joe where Bob Costas just ripped into Bonds, I felt it was only fair, in the spirit of journalistic integrity, to also share Wuhl's thoughts defending Bonds. Well, maybe not defending his alleged steroid use, but defending the great numbers he has put up in his career, especially when compared with Hank Aaron. And no matter what you think about Bonds, Wuhl does bring up some good points.

And for those that missed it, or are too lazy to check out my post on Costas' rant here's what Costas had to say. Point, Counterpoint if you will.

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