Monday, August 13, 2007

The Lightning Round -- Best of the 'Net

Lots of interesting things going on at the moment. The Detroit Tigers continue to struggle to find their way. Karl Rove resigned. The NFL pre-season continues. And I had a Fantasy Football draft yesterday. But instead of boring you with the details about who I drafted and why (I will say I drafted three Detroit Lions, and nabbed Marshawn Lynch, who I think will be a superstar for Buffalo) there is lots of other great content on the web these days, so let's see what's worth checking out.

**Ebert and Roeper and Siskel online -- Despite not venturing out to the movies, well, at all this summer, I love watching Ebert and Roeper at the movies, every Sunday night at midnight. Richard Roeper knows his movies (obviously) and is entertaining on the show. And while Ebert is out right now recovering from cancer surgery, a variety of fill-in hosts have done an admirable job, the most of impressive of whom has been Associated Press movie critic Christy Lemire. But this plug is for their new website which is a film lovers paradise. Every review that has ever been broadcast by Rogers Ebert, Gene Siskel, and Richard Roeper are available for free viewing. It's an incredible library of thousands of video reviews. I checked out reviews of three of my favorite movies last night (Field of Dreams, Almost Famous, and Gattaca) and I was addicted. Curious about whether the movie you are planning on renting is good or not? I don't think there's a better site out there. Very impressive.

** Chris Matthews hits on Erin Burnett -- This is thanks to the great folks over at Inside Cable News. The great Erin Burnett, who I have written about time and time again was on MSNBC's Hardball, hosted by the equally great (but in different ways) Chris Matthews, who may have let his appreciation of Burnett lead to a few awkward moments during an interview on Friday.

** Facebook profiled in Newsweek -- It's a good day for Facebook creator and soon to be billionaire Mark Zuckerberg. He and his brainchild,, made the cover of Newsweek this week and were the recipients of a very well written, very complementary cover story. Well worth reading if you count yourself as a Facebook user and even if you aren't.

I am a huge supporter and fan of the Facebook, and have been registered with the site since May of 2004. I have met cousins I never knew before, caught up with friends from elementary school I hadn't talked to in years, and wasted many an hour on the site. Should it ever become an IPO, as the Newsweek story indicates, it will be the most anticipated and I would think most successful IPO since Google.

** Some other good stuff to check out -- Fellow Tigers Fan KatieG runs a great blog over at InnisFree on all sorts of goings on, both sports and non-sports, Motor City and non-Motor City related. Kurt has all the latest on the Second Life virtual property lawsuit(s).

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