Friday, August 17, 2007

Cameron Maybin Struggles in Detroit Tigers Debut

And the Cameron Maybin era has begun. And it started in a blowout loss at Yankees stadium where Maybin did not look like the next Babe Ruth or Reggie Jackson or even the next Bobby Higginson (c'mon, Maybin's wearing Higgy's old #4, so you had to know that reference was coming). But, that's okay. There will be brighter days ahead for this ultra-talented 20-year-old.

Maybin, batting second and starting in left field, went 0-4 with two strikeouts, and struggled in the field. Essentially, he looked like a 20-year-old. Does this make the Tigers move to bring him to the major league a mistake? Of course not. A lot of Tigers looked silly against the dominant Andy Pettitte, and Maybin has not played a position other than centerfield since Spring Training. Add in a rainstorm which prevented Maybin from getting any pre-game work in the outfield, and learning a new position may take some time. And despite the 0-4 night, Maybin did show plate discipline at times, and seemed to look more and more comfortable after each at-bat.

Tomorrow won't get any easier, with Maybin scheduled to start again opposite Roger Clemens, but this is the big leagues, so there won't be a long grace or adjustment period. Despite the somewhat inauspicious beginning though, Cameron Maybin is likely to have a lot of success in the majors for a long time to come.

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