Wednesday, May 16, 2007

What I'm Watching -- Lost Episode 21, Greatest Hits

As per usual, this story contains spoilers of tonight's episode of Lost, the last before next week's season finale. For those that have seen the episode and want to continue reading, I've included a "jump" below. Otherwise, feel free to check out my recaps of the Television Upfronts or the link roundup of all of my posts from yesterday involving TV, the Detroit Red Wings, and Detroit Pistons. Otherwise, my Lost thoughts can be found below.

"Greatest Hits" was Charlie Pace's (or, Dominic Monaghan for those keeping score at home) finest hour, and it was an hour which Charlie spent saying his goodbyes as the viewer prepared to do the same, as Desmond's flash-forwards foresaw Charlie dying, but his death leading to the rescue of the camp. But, in traditional Lost fashion, just when you thought Charlie would fulfill Desmond's prophecy by drowning (but saving the castaways in the process), the Others were lying in wait.

The rest of the episode was spent planning for the war which will, I imagine, be a large part of next week's season finale. Jack certainly has a more violent nature to him nowadays, but I guess being kidnapped and held prisoner will do that to you.

The show was good tonight, and was a great tribute and way to say goodbye to the Charlie character (if, indeed, Charlie dies next week as Desmond predicted) but other then that, it was largely a placeholder for next week's season finale, which is supposed to have a mind-blowing game-changing moment which will supposedly have everyone talking until Lost comes back next February. Let's hope it has something to do with John Locke rising from the grave, because I missed him tonight. I know spoilers are out there on the 'net, but I'm doing my best to avoid them at all costs, as I really don't want to spoil the "game changing" moment considering how big it's been built up. I want to experience it in real time, so I can have a real reaction to it. And since next weeks' two hour extravaganza is the last episode of Lost we'll see for 8 months or so, it better be good.

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