Sunday, February 24, 2008

Mike Huckabee on Saturday Night Live

Blog posting has been a little light the last few days, but with a small break in the primary calendar (though with the debate last Thursday, Hillary's eruption over weeks-old mailers yesterday, and another debate Tuesday, it's not a real break) and the Bar Exam coming up on Tuesday and Wednesday (It may not be a good thing that I can tell you who Tim Pawlenty is but not recite the five-part test for the tort of negligent misrepresentation -- We'll see though) posting has slowed. But I'll pick back up on Wednesday night, and hopefully actually get back to talking about sports some. The Pistons have continued to play well, and the Wings have cooled off a bit, and before you know it the Detroit Lions' Super Bowl, the NFL Draft, will be here, so we'll pivot back to sports while hopefully celebrating Barack Obama's primary victory over Hillary Clinton (though if I've learned anything in life, it's not to count the Clinton's out of anything).

In the meantime, speaking of not counting somebody out of the Presidential race, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee is still at it, still running for the Republican nomination against John McCain despite it being mathematically impossible for him to win (but, remember, he's in the miracle business, not the math business -- I wonder if that's better than the "solutions business" Hillary Clinton is in). And he did a guest spot on Saturday Night Live's weekend update Saturday, and as usual, it was a hilarious performance. If nothing else, Huckabee should get a prime time cable news show out of this run, and it would probably be a big success. If I were MSNBC, especially given the reputation it has as a liberal network, I'd put him on at 9:00 weeknights, and bump Dan Abrams back to 10:00. In any case, here's the video, good for a good laugh.

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