Sunday, February 3, 2008

Maria Shriver Appears at Obama Rally, Endorses Barack's Campaign

Joining her cousin Caroline Kennedy, Oprah Winfrey, and Michelle Obama (and after watching her speak, you really understand just how impressive she is, she's every-bit as charismatic and impressive as her husband is), the First Lady of California, Maria Shriver made a surprising appearance and speech at UCLA this afternoon, praising Obama (saying that if he were a state, he'd be California) and giving a rousing speech in support of Obama's campaign and urging people to vote and talk to the friends who may undecided and convince them to vote for Obama. With recent polls showing Obama not just gaining on Hillary Clinton in California, but taking the lead, with every vote counting and every vote mattering, Shriver's endorsement and appearance could be very important.

I had a disagreement with my friend Jared about that, but my point is, not that Shriver will change a lot of minds, but her appearance should get a lot of play throughout California television newscasts and newspapers. And in a state like California, which is so large, and so expensive, where you can't be everywhere or advertise everywhere (even if you do raise over $1 million a day), that free media is priceless. And who knows how important Shriver's endorsement and appearance will be among undecided women. The appearance wasn't to get my vote, or Jared's, but to get women's votes in California, and she may have succeeded in that regard.

And I'm more convinced than ever Obama needs to make a cross-country visit to California on February 5th. Neither he nor Hillary Clinton can put this election away on Super Tuesday, but if he can win California, where Clinton was up almost 20 points less than two weeks ago, he goes a long way to winning the nomination. And it's in his grasp, he has it. He has a midnight rally on February 4th/February 5th, and every local California morning show has video of thousands of people turning out for Obama, that could tip the balance. Now's not the time to do everything in your power to win. A trip to California might just get it done.

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