Saturday, December 15, 2007

What I'm Watching -- I Am Legend

I don't like zombie movies. As a general rule that is. Well, I can't really say that because before tonight, I've never really seen a zombie movie. Horror movies, slasher movies, gory movies, just never have been anything I've been interested in seeing. Dramatic thrillers? Now those are good. But The Ring or 28 Days Later? I'll skip those. But, tonight, after taking my second law school exam in three days (only two more to go in my law school career) me and nine of my law school buddies decided to head out to the movie theater, take the night off from studying, and see Will Smith's new film, zombie movie I Am Legend.

First things first, we saw the "IMAX" version, and while the movie screen was bigger than a normal movie screen, and curved, and the sound was really good, not really worth the extra money. Maybe the theater just had a cheap IMAX screen, who knows. I felt during the previews that the largeness of the screen just like overwhelmed my senses, but as the movie itself got going, it just seemed like any other screen.

As for the movie itself, because I've ever really seen a zombie/horror movie before, I have little to compare this to. The special effects were decent but not great, but the cinematography was pretty good, as the shots of Smith hitting golf balls off an abandoned aircraft carrier near Times Square was pretty cool. One of the reviews I had read going into the movie compared Smith's role to that of Tom Hanks in Cast Away, as both pretty much had to carry a movie literally singlehandedly, with no other actors to play off of for a majority of the movie. It was a very good comparison. Smith is a great actor, and he was really good here. It can't be easy acting pretty much by yourself, but Smith made it work, and kept the movie suspenseful. It was scary at parts, funny at others, and the ending was a bit weak, but overall, it was a fine movie. Not the best I've seen this year, but a good movie.

Still, probably won't be seeing any more zombie movies for a while

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