Sunday, December 2, 2007

I Have Nothing To Say About The Detroit Lions

Actually, that's not true. After all, when you fall behind 42-10 early in the third quarter, you have some things you want to say. Just they aren't worthy of publication and will make me look bad when day when I run for office and I need the financial backing of William Clay Ford Jr. Some quick thoughts because the Lions aren't worthy of longer thoughts.

** The Minnesota Vikings have no class. Now, usually, I've always been of the opinion that running up the score in college is unacceptable, because even those are athletes, they are still kids. Professionally, teams can score all they want. But, when I say that, I mean, keep running your offense, throwing late in the game up big, no problem. Running fake field goals in the 4th quarter when you are up 42-10? Running halfback passes when you are up 42-10? Give me a break. There's no reason for that. I lost a lot of respect for Brad Childress today.

** Adrian Peterson is a monster. Yes, the Lions defense is abysmal and missed more tackles than I can count, but Peterson, coming back off a knee injury which sidelined him the past two games, is really a sight to watch. Power, vision, speed. There's a reason why everyone was so high on him coming out of Oklahoma. And Chester Taylor is a heckuva player too. As my dad said as we were commiserating on the phone, when you look at both of those guys and compare them to Kevin Jones, the Lions running back, it's not even a contest. Makes Jones look like a high school back. And we think Jones is pretty good. Maybe he's not. In any case, Peterson, and Taylor, are an incredible backfield.

** Roy Williams getting hurt may prevent the Lions from winning any more games this season if he is out for any length of time. I'd say it's not good, and it isn't, but since the Lions pretty much have lost all hope for the playoffs, having Williams injured isn't as bad as it could be. So we started 6-2 and are likely to finish no better than 8-8, and I'm looking at 7-9 as the likely final record. While we would have taken 7-9 at the start of the season, after starting 6-2, and not having a lot of catastrophic injuries, that's absolutely unacceptable.

** Nice to see Jeff Backus get burned again, a few times, including a nice play where he whiffed on a block leading to Kitna's fumble/interception. And Calvin Johnson? Did he get snowed in back in Detroit? Didn't get a look in the first half at all, and in the second, even with Roy out, wasn't much there. I know he dropped some passes last week, but still. And I knew when I saw fullback Jon Bradley was undressed the Lions had no interest in running the ball. And they didn't. 2 runs in the first half and then the game was over anyway.

** It's over. The 2007 season is over. And it likely ended in the first quarter, Lions had the Vikings backed up 3rd and 14 from their own 10, and the Vikings were content to run the ball and punt, but the Lions defense folded, Chester Taylor gained 15 yards on a draw play, and the Vikings drove 80+ yards for the score. It was over then. Mike Furrey almost pulling a Plaxico Burress at the end of the game, and giving up the ball despite potentially not being touched, that was just gravy.

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