Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Morning Joe Discusses Fox Business "Peacock Hunting" Stunt

As has been covered extensively by media outlets and news blogs across the web, Fox launched the Fox Business Network (or is it just Fox Business? They seemingly dropped the "Channel" from their name just prior to lift-off) yesterday in an effort to revolutionize the covering of the business world just as Fox successfully revolutionized and took over the cable news network with the incredibly successful Fox News Channel. I wasn't able to check out the first day's coverage (FBN is not offered, yet, on my local cable network) but until they sign up Erin Burnett and/or Jim Cramer (the two CNBCers I watch most) they probably won't be getting my business.

Yesterday, as part of their launch, Fox Business began the day with a "shot across the bow" to CNBC, a playful stand-up by one of their news reporters in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, where CNBC is located. Saying she was "peacock hunting" (the mascot of NBC) the reporter joked around about reporting on Wall Street from such a distant location. It was obviously tongue-in-cheek (as was Jim Cramer's response on Street Signs later that afternoon which was also a playful shove, not an "on air outburst" as blogger Ian Schwartz claimed). Sophomoric? Maybe. But, it was probably something that got the Fox faithful pumped up on their first day.

This morning, on MSNBC's Morning Joe, host Joe Scarborough attacked the Fox Business stunt, calling the people behind it "dorks" and "goobers" and saying that while Fox News filled a void in cable news, allowing it to become a huge success, there is no similar void in business news, and CNBC's brand will allow it to maintain its edge over its new rival. The video of Joe's discussion of the stunt, and the start of FBN, is below.

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Anonymous said...

Is this why CNBC had a truck parked outside the News Corp building all day?

Scott Warheit said...

Actually, no. According to Inside Cable News a CNBC truck is often parked in the are around the News Corp building. Has nothing to do with the launch of Fox Business or any of the goings on between the networks.

mbtbear said...

If you believe that there is a nice little bridge on the East River I can sell you.

The funny thing about Morning Joe and Wee Willie along with MSNBC's Polish joke Mika dissing the new Fox Business is that most likely more people were watch Fox Business Network than were watching them

Anonymous said...

There are more press parking spots in front of the FOX building, that's why NBC (down the street) parks some of their press vehicles there.


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