Thursday, October 25, 2007

24 Season 7 Trailer Released

While the seventh season of 24 may not begin until after the new year, a two minute trailer, showing Jack Baurer taking heat from Congress for torturing terrorists and an undead and apparently suddenly evil Tony Almedia has been released by Fox. The clip is embedded below and it certainly sets a tone for the upcoming season.

As I wrote last month though, I'm not sold on Tony's return. While Tony was a great character, and added a lot to the show, he died, and we saw him die, and to bring him back, especially after 24 had such a down year last season still seems like a bit of desperation on the part of 24's producers. I do like, though, that we'll see a Jack v. Tony showdown. Tony provides a great foil for Jack, and somebody who, at least in the viewers eyes, may legitimately be able to out-think and well, out-Jack Jack. The elimination of CTU was an important step in revitalizing the show, and it looks like the only characters from CTU that I cared about, Bill and Chloe will be back in some capacity. One thing that did concern me was Jack's line in the trailer that "somebody in the FBI must have tipped them off." Can we go one season in 24 without a mole in the government? Just once?

The trailer though did get me excited for the coming of the new season, and for that it was successful. Maybe Tony being alive won't be so bad after all...

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