Tuesday, March 6, 2007

What I'm Watching -- The Mega Millions Lottery Drawing

In just about an hour, live from Times Square in New York City (moved from its original home in Atlanta) where it seems things migrate when they become important, the Mega Millions lottery numbers will be drawn and maybe somebody (or some people) will win a share of a $370 million jackpot, the largest in the nation's history.

Even though your odds of winning are always the same, no matter the jackpot size, people just can't help themselves when the jackpot reaches such a critical mass. It's only a $1 after all. I'm no different. I went out and purchased five sets of numbers, including the one below which should be familiar to LOST fans.

Now, will the numbers from LOST really come up in tonight's drawing? Probably not. And if it does, I'm sure I'm not the only one who decided to play those numbers. But, those numbers are not any less likely to be drawn than any other. And, why not have some fun while trying to win $370 million?

Update, 11:02 P.M.: And, I didn't win $370 million. I didn't win $1.00. My LOST numbers did not pan out (though when the number 42 came out first, I got a bit excited), neither did my four other sets of numbers, including my computer selected "Easy Pick." In fact, I only matched 4 numbers total. That wasn't supposed to happen. I guess I'll have to wait on purchasing that $70,000+ 103-inch Panasonic HDTV Plasma for a bit longer. Oh well. If any of you, my faithful visitors, did win the $370 million, and as a gesture of goodwill would like to purchase said Plasma TV for me, let me know.

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Clever WoT said...

Oh come on. It's only $70,000, and think of the use you'd get out of it. Treat yourself.


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