Thursday, March 1, 2007

Welcome and an answer to: "So what the does Quo Vadimus mean anyway?"

I've given in to the Blog-o-sphere. And I blame my good friend and fellow law student blogger Kurt, who authors the ever-topical and entertaining Blog Clever WoT. After reading some of his posts about LOST and other topics, writing a Blog just seems like fun. Plus, while killing time on The Facebook is always entertaining, I really needed to find another, more productive way to waste time and not do, you know, actual school work. In fact, I am posting this note and creating this blog as a way to avoid studying for the MPRE (that's the Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam for you non-lawyers out there) which I'm taking a week from Saturday in the wonderful state of Ohio (don't ask -- Or is that the kind of story you want to hear? Probably not).

And I'm not really all that new to blogging either as I lead on. I've written a daily Detroit Tigers blog for the great for the past three Tigers seasons and you can check out the headlines from The Cutoff Man column on the table to your right. But, ever since I stopped writing for The Detroit News more than a year ago, I've lacked an outlet for my thoughts on all the happenings in the Detroit sports scene. And I never really had a place to vent on the latest happenings on any of my numerous favorite television shows or what's going on in the world of politics, which I follow almost as closely as the Lions and Tigers. So, hence the starting of this blog. And we'll see where it goes (if anywhere). If nothing else, it will be a nice distraction for me (like I needed another one).

Plus, if you have read down this far, you have probably seen my post on MSNBC's Mike Barnicle's review of the 2008 Presidential Campaign in baseball spring training terminology. It was a great story, and wasn't a great fit for my column (as it had little to do with the Tigers) but I wanted to post it somewhere because it was funny and insightful. So I figured, why not start my own personal blog so I can post it there? So, here we are.

Okay, onto the name of the Blog, Quo Vadimus. While I did take four semesters of Latin while an undergrad at Michigan, that's not where I got the name. Predictably (for those that know me) it comes from television. Before Aaron Sorkin wrote and created The West Wing, he had a little-watched but well-received dramedy on ABC called Sports Night. Sports Night was similar to Sorkin's latest effort (the similarly low-rated Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip) in that it was a behind the scenes look at the making of a television show (in Sports Night's case, a SportsCenter-esque sports highlight show). In its last episodes, a company purchased the fledgling show and the network it was broadcast on, and that company was named Quo Vadimus, which translates to Where Are We Going? And anything good enough for an Aaron Sorkin written show is good enough for me.

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Clever WoT said...

I don't know whether to thank you for the compliments or to apologize for sucking you into blogging. But you're right: it can absolutely be fun.

I'll be adding you to the Law Student Blogger Directory unless you tell me otherwise. It's good to get another Michigan person on the list.

Scott Warheit said...

Nah, no need to apologize. This is going to be fun. Plus, I needed somewhere to vent about Detroit sports and goings-on that didn't fit neatly in my MLive Tigers blog.

As for the Law Student Blogger Directory, go for it. And in fact, I'll add it to my links. It's a great database.


Clever WoT said...

There is no place better than the internet for venting. :)

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