Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Protecting Palin Too Much Plus: Palin's Jews for Jesus Problem

...If you even dare ask about Governor Sarah Palin's foreign policy experience (or lackthereof) the question is so out-of-bounds, so sexist (even when it comes from a woman, Campbell Brown) that John McCain was so offended that he jilted Larry King of all people, canceling a scheduled interview on Larry King Live after Campbell Brown dared ask the question. Give me a break. A few months after Sarah Palin called Hillary Clinton a "whiner" because her campaign was complaining about sexism (saying such comments did women a disservice), the McCain-Palin campaign has decided that any criticism of Palin, no matter how substantive, is sexism.

The fact that she was for the bridge to nowhere before she was against it? Can't bring that up, that's sexism. The fact that her town of 6,500 people received almost $30 million in earmarks? Can't go there. How about her abuse of power in firing a public safety commissioner after he refused to fire her brother in law? Or her and her husband's support of the Alaska Independence Party, which wants a vote on succeeding from the Union and whose founder has damned America and said he would refuse to be buried in the US flag? Or, today's news that Palin's church, while Palin was present, allowed an anti-Jewish group to preach. In August, while Palin was in the pews, Palin's pastor turned over the pulpit to the founder of "Jews for Jesus" which aims to covert those of the Jewish faith, and who said, in front of Palin, that terror attacks on Israel were God's wrath against uncoverted Jews. I can't make this up.

An illustration of that gap came just two weeks ago, when Palin’s church, the Wasilla Bible Church, gave its pulpit over to a figure viewed with deep hostility by many Jewish organizations: David Brickner, the founder of Jews for Jesus.

Palin’s pastor, Larry Kroon, introduced Brickner on Aug. 17, according to a transcript of the sermon on the church’s website.

“He’s a leader of Jews for Jesus, a ministry that is out on the leading edge in a pressing, demanding area of witnessing and evangelism,” Kroon said.

[ . . . . ] Brickner also described terrorist attacks on Israelis as God's "judgment of unbelief" of Jews who haven't embraced Christianity.

Why do I think that Sean Hannity, who spent months railing against Barack Obama (even demanding that he resign from the Senate) because of his association with Jerimiah Wright, won't be talking about how Palin should have walked out of her church, and how Palin should have stood up to her pastor. And worse than Obama, she was there that day in August when the Jews for Jesus founder spoke about how those who are Jewish have a "difficult time understanding the reality" that they need to convert to Christianity.

But, I'm sure bringing this up just makes me sexist. Just one question then before I go. Does questioning Barack Obama's relationship with Reverend Wright or his lack of experience make Republicans racist?

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Anonymous said...

"a vote on succeeding from the Union"


Jacqui said...

You are right on! The media needs to put these real issues out there. You can bet if any of this was associated with the democrats, the press and the republicans would be all over this. Stop protecting the baraccuda Middle America and wake up.

Elva Gunter said...

Talk about a puppet!
Even Britney and Paris know how to handle the press good and bad.

What were the requirements for choosing her?

Someone they could control? Who could present a speech well, appeal to those who want a hottie in the white house, while they tote guns and go to church.

Hey I like my right to my religion and guns and I am a woman.(Who cares what they look like?)

But this is just rude. How could they think American women would support someone who is not allowed to even defend herself unless its scripted.

Even Britney and Paris know how to handle the press good and bad.

There are no questions about her that should be off limits, like every other candidate for any office.

No way would I vote for a ticket that makes it clear they have no respect for this woman and her ability to handle even the press.

Anonymous said...

How sad that you have to resort to lies. Take 30 seconds to research the Jews for Jesus and you will find that they are not an "anti-Jewish Group". They are in fact largely composed of Jews. Take a minute, if you can find the time to actually look for the truth, and read what was really said that day: http://www.jewsforjesus.org/publications/realtime/63/01?rt63

Kathy said...

It disgusts me, too and I'm a woman. It just makes me despise McCain for picking her. It irritates most of us so much that we say nasty things about her out of complete frustration. God, I'd love to interview her and I wouldn't give her any questions that have memorized answers.

Anonymous said...














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