Thursday, November 15, 2007

Counting Down to Michigan - Ohio State

It is starting to get pretty exciting around Ann Arbor as our date with the Buckeyes of Columbus is under 48-hours away. Yes, some of the air of game was taken out when both Michigan and Ohio State lost last weekend but this is still one of the greatest rivalries in sports (which is why HBO produced a documentary focused on the series) and a trip to the Rose Bowl and an undisputed (and unshared) Big Ten Title is on the line.

It may also be the last game in the rivalry for Michigan head coach Lloyd Carr. Great Michigan blog M-Go-Blog created some controversy earlier in the week when they reported that numerous sources have Carr announcing his retirement sometime after the Ohio State game but before Michigan's Bowl Game, wherever that might be. We've heard these rumors before of course (most loudly three seasons ago when many believed that Carr would follow Chris Perry and John Navarre off into the sunset) but the timing seems right (this time it's the next generation, Mike Hart and Chad Henne ending their careers, along with Jake Long) and we've heard rumblings all season this would be Lloyd's last. If so, even more motivation to give Carr a proper send-off by defeating Ohio State and giving him a 7-6 record against OSU rather than a sub-.500 6-7 career mark.

Not only does Lloyd deserve a victory, but so do I. In seven years at Michigan, as an undergrad and a Law Student, I have seen only one victory over Ohio State. Yes, Michigan is just 1-5 in my career as a student, and I've seen us lose at Michigan Stadium and at the Horseshoe. My junior year of undergrad, the site of my only victory, we rushed the field and played in the Rose Bowl (which we lost to USC, but that's another story -- But, man, Mike Williams was dominant in that game...Whatever happened to him?). Here's to hoping Saturday is a repeat of that glorious victory. Though with the health of Hart and Henne still up in the air, and Ohio State hungry after losing their chance at the national title on Saturday (maybe they'll be more dejected than hungry, but I wouldn't hold my breath) it certainly won't be easy. Never is against Ohio State. And it shouldn't be any other way.

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Rybu said...

Did you watch the documentary on HBO? I thought it was very nicely done.

I can't imagine Lloyd announcing his retirement before the bowl game. I don't think I'm buying in to all the recent hype and "news leaks". The offense needs to be inventive on Saturday but I think Lloyd has been saving a few tricks for this game.

Go Blue!

Scott Warheit said...

I did watch the documentary, in fact I saw a special screening of it on campus here in Ann Arbor. I wrote a review of it @ I agree, it was well done, but somewhat skewed towards favoring Ohio State.

As for Lloyd, I really don't know what he'll do. I've heard every season I've been here "this is his last season" so part of me wants to believe it when I see it. But, the cards do seem to point to this being his last year.

And I'm not one of those Michigan fans that will celebrate when Lloyd leaves either. He's frustrating at times, but as I'm sure I'll write when/if Lloyd does retire, we've gone to three of the last four Rose Bowls, with the potential to go 4-5, so even with the losses to Ohio State and in those Rose Bowls, that's still pretty impressive.



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