Wednesday, September 26, 2007

What I'm Watching -- Boston Legal's Season Premiere

After attending yet another Detroit Tigers game (which we won, 8-0, making me 1-1 for the week) I caught up on Boston Legal's 90-minute season premiere this afternoon, and it was its usual solid self. Like most David E. Kelley shows, and like, well, the first three seasons of Boston Legal, the show has undergone a cast renovation during the off-season (as I discussed back in June and the results aren't too bad. I love the addition of John Larroquette, and he's playing the perfect character, the gruff lawyer with a good heart, the same role he played for an episode on The West Wing when he guest started as White House Counsel back in the show's second season. Tara Summers made a nice debut as well. And I like how Mark Valley's Brad Chase moved over to the Distract Attorney's office instead of just vanishing like a lot of actors have in the past off Boston Legal. I still miss Julie Bowen though. I don't know if it was Bowen's choice not to return (she recently had a child) or if it was the producers choice, but she remains one of my favorite television actresses.

As you can tell by my last few entries, along with attending a few Tigers games this week, I've been watching a lot TV with it being season premiere week and all. Tonight I'll likely check out NBC's Life and ABC's Dirty Sexy Money, both at 10:00, but my focus likely will be on MSNBC's Democratic Presidential Debate. This has been a fun week. TV is back, and not a moment too soon.

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